Aqua Exercise

The water provides resistance to muscles, encouraging the strengthening of muscles and improvement in fitness.


The pressure of the water also assists in the development of balance and stability.


Aqua exercise is beneficial for individuals with arthritis, chronic pain, pregnancy, joint replacement, or reconstructive surgery.

Swimming Pool

Pool  Exercise Consultation

A pool exercise consultation is needed prior to starting an exercise program in the hydro pool.


A consultation involves discussing your needs and goals for a pool exercise program. You will also do some physical assessments so that the Exercise Physiologist can prescribe the best program to help you.


Aqua Fitness Class

45 minute session for anyone wanting to get their body moving. Suitable for beginners and seniors, the class will assist you to improve your aerobic fitness, strength and mobility.

Great group of friendly members. Come along and join us!


Tuesday morning at 10am.

Illustrated Swimmer

Pool Usage

$5 per session
Up to 1 hour

(must have an exercise consultation)