Group Fitness Classes and Personal Training

Our muscles and joints are made to move!

The benefits to exercising are endless! Completing at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week can assist with the management and/or prevention of some of the leading causes of death in Australia. 

Chronic conditions such as Type Two Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, Anxiety and Cardiovascular Disease can all be managed and/or prevented with a correctly designed exercise program.

EXERCISE IS FOR EVERYONE. You just have to find the exercise you and your body love, and we can help you do that. 


Exercise Consultations

In an exercise consultation the Exercise Physiologist will prescribe an effective and appropriate exercise program, individualised to your needs, goals and from the outcomes of a physical assessment that includes aerobic, strength and flexibility testing.

Usually this requires two exercise consultations; one for the fitness assessment and one for the program delivery.

Medicare, DVA and Health Insurance services may apply.


Personal Training

30 minute, one on one session that keeps you motivated, accountable, educated and focused on your goals. 

Our Exercise Physiologist will design and deliver an exercise session tailored just for you.


Fitness Class

The class involves a mixture of aerobic movements, light dumbbell and body weight movements (including balance). You are more than welcome to do chair exercise in these classes while you build your fitness or you may like to join our beginners class first.


Monday 9am

Wednesday 9am

Thursday 10am


Please note, a written medical clearance is required before joining this class if you have a medical condition or injury that may be affected by exercise.


Beginners Fitness Class

This class is suited for anyone who has not exercised for a long time or who has any medical condition/injury that would benefit from attending an exercise class by an Exercise Physiologist.


A medical clearance is required if you have any condition or injury that may be affected by exercise.

Friday 10.30am



HealThy Self Exercise Physiology believe in a holistic approach to health so, we have collaborated with Libby from Life Balance Yoga to offer Yoga to our clients.

Yoga is not only good for the body, it is good for the mind. Libby welcomes everyone into this beautiful class. Equipment is provided, however if you would like to bring your own you can.

Bookings are essential to reserve your spot on a mat.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30am

Yoga Mats

Matwork Pilates

This class offers total body conditioning and includes a balance of strengthening and flexibility exercises. The class has a major focus on activating through your "core" muscles.

Our classes have a maximum of five participants and therefore, the exercises can be modified to suit each individual. The exercises can be made easier,or can be progressed to increase the difficulty!

Tuesday 5pm

Thursday 5pm


Image by Junseong Lee